The 42nd ACM-ICPC World Finals Lifts its Curtain in Beijing

The opening ceremony of the 42nd Association for Computing Machinery-International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals (ACM-ICPC WF) was held at Peking University in Beijing on April 17th.

The 42nd ACM-ICPC World Finals is co-hosted by Children and Youth Science Center (CYSC) of CAST and Peking University. More than 1,500 participants from 140 universities teams of 51 countries and regions participate in the ongoing event.

Wan Gang, Vice Chairman of National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and President of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) delivered a speech during the opening ceremony.

“ICPC is not only a grand event for college students in the world but also a community that influences the future development of information science. It will surely drive the programming training and the computing science education activities of all countries in the world, inspire more young talents in science and technology to innovate, pursue excellence, discover more profound scientific laws, create more significant technological inventions, and realize your youthful dreams and brilliant prospects,” President Wan said.

To recognize and honor the efforts endeavored by CYSC for co-holding this event and drawing together community, industry and academia to secure the resources and support that open doors of opportunity for younger generation in STEM in China and globally, ICPC Foundation presents the “2018 ICPC Foundation Outstanding International Contribution Award” to CYSC during opening ceremony.  

This year marks the 60th anniversary of founding of CAST. China's science communication and science education has undergone fast development in the past six decades. As an affiliated institution of CAST, CYSC has become an important portal to promote STEM programs and events for younger generation across the nation.