The Curtain Having Descended on the 9th China Adolescents Science Video Festival

The final round of the 9th China Adolescents Science Video Festival had been successfully launched in Changsha, the provincial capital of Hunan Province from October 26 to October 30, 2018. Wu Xiangping, Director of the event judging panel and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liu Yang, Director General of the Children and Youth Science Center of China Association for Science and Technology (CYSC), Liu Xiaoming, the Vice Chairman of the Hunan Association for Science and Technology (HAST), Liu Huiqiang, Deputy Director General of CYSC, Lin Liqin, Secretary General of the China Association of Children’s Science Instructors (CACSI) and Liu Xiaohe, the Vice Chairman of HAST together with other leaders and distinguished guests attended the closing ceremony, i.e. prize-giving ceremony on the morning of October 30, 2018.

At the closing ceremony, Academician Wu Xiangping, on behalf of the event judging panel, addressed the report on judging work to all the participants. 124 entries in all were qualifier for the final round of the 9 th China Adolescents Science Video Festival. Through two reviewing phases, namely the expert’s preliminary review and the Showing and Competition, the results turned out to be 49 first prizes, 65 second prizes, 1,742 third prizes, 19 the best individual event awards, 3 scientific kaleidoscope awards for best entries. The event judging panel sifted out 15 provincial excellent organizational units and 32 excellent teachers. Meanwhile, Amber Education Group, XINHUANET, Future X Company and etc. selected 30 special awards. The reviewing progress of the Showing and Competition Event of the 9 th China Adolescents Science Video Festival adopted information-based operation all the way through. To guarantee the fairness, impartiality, openness and transparency, each ward would undergo strict selection, network review, skill test, and Q&A session.

Liu Yang, Director General of the CYSC presented awards to the winner of the scientific kaleidoscope award for best entries and meantime delivered a speech at the closing ceremony. He pointed out that it is the scientific and technological talents who prop up building the leading nation in science and technology worldwide. Whereas the science communication events for teenagers are the foundation engineering for cultivating the scientific and technological talents. He hoped that all the teenagers scientific and educational organizations at all levels could be voluntarily saddled with responsibilities and more aggressive so as to relentlessly forge ahead with the teenager science communication career and spare no efforts to conduct various teenager science communication events. At the same time, he appealed to the whole society for caring and supporting the teenager science communication events in order to improve the teenagers’ technical quality. Likewise, as youth and children, the vast teenagers should be starved of intellectual nourishment, keep their interests of exploring, apply their minds to studying, laboriously practice, and then blossom out into the anchor of our country.

The China Adolescents Science Video Festival displayed a perfect fusion of science and video, using video to record scientific wonder, to spread scientific beauty, to ennoble scientific charm and to sow scientific seeds. Since 2010, the China Adolescents Science Video Festival has been held for a ninth straight time. Over the nine years, the festival has always been high on the agenda of the authorities in charge of technology and education at all levels. All social organizations and personage ably back the festival up. With the vast participation of students and teachers from primary and secondary schools, the China Adolescents Science Video Festival has unceasingly been scaled up, developed, innovated in terms of its forms, enriched in terms of its content, bettered in terms of its quality and strengthened in terms of its influence. Nowadays, it has become a highly recognized and favorite brand among the vast teenagers.

It is reported that the final round event of the 10th China Adolescents Science Video Festival will be held in Sichuan Province.