World Adolescent Robot Contest 2019 winners announced on the closing ceremony in Chongqing

World Adolescent Robot Contest 2019 (WARC 2019) wrapped up on the 16th of August at Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center, with the announcement of WRO Regular Elementary & Junior High, VEX IQ Challenge and MakeX Challenge champions. After three days’ engaging and challenging competitions, teams from India, Russia, Mexico, UAE, and China ultimately ranked the top three of each category.

Xu Yanhao, Vice President and Executive Secretary of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), Shen Jinqiang, Vice-chairperson of the Standing Committee of Chongqing People’s Congress, addressed the Closing Ceremony.

“Young people are the creator of tomorrow. We hope to see young students persevere their passion and curiosity on science and technology, always be ready to face new challenges and unknown area, and become technology leaders in the future.” said Xu Yanhao. “Also we hope that science teachers, practitioners of science education and people from different communities of our society will concentrate their efforts and contribute to the cultivation of young scientists and engineers, and strive to create a brighter future of science education.”

“The Contest is a real stimulus to ignite the passion of innovation of the city,” said Shen Jinqiang. “Chongqing will consistently devote more in promoting science innovation education and offer more resource and opportunities for young people.”

WARC 2019 is happening alongside the 19th China Adolescent Robotics Competition (CARC). Nearly 2000 students including 521 CARC teams and 113 WARC teams gathered in Chongqing for this year’s event. In the week-long event, students from home and abroad engaged in series of robot challenges, competed with other teams from across the world, moreover, they had a chance to discover the unique charm of Chongqing and establish a long-lasting friendship with their counterparts from all over the globe. The 20th edition of CARC and WARC 2020 will be held in Langfang, Hebei Province in 2020.

World Adolescent Robot Contest (WARC) is a grand festival for youths across the world to showcase their talent and skills in designing and building robots. By bringing these future engineers and technology experts together through engaging and collaborative competitions, WARC wishes to ignite a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics among these young people, and inspire them to learn skills that they will need to face new challenges of tomorrow.

Top 3 of WRO Regular Elementary
Champion: TYCoon (INB191801), Chinese Taipei
Runner-up: Zhaozhen No.2 Primary School (SCB191553), Sichuan, China
Second Runner-up: Jingyuan Primary School (SDB191532), Shandong, China

Top 3 of WRO Regular Junior High
Champion: School 112 – Absolute (INB192927), Russia
Runner-up: Hefei No.42 Middle School (AHB192442), Anhui, China
Second Runner-up: Riple Revised ARM9 (INB192803), India

Top 3 of VEX IQ Challenge (Teamwork Challenge)
·Intelligent Brain (INQ194908), United Arab Emirates
·Xi’an Tieyi Middle School (SNQ195125), Shaanxi, China
Second Place: ·Fuzhou Guishang MiddleSchool & Hualun Middle School (FJQ195495), Fujian, China
·Beijing No.2 Experimental Primary School Luoyang Branch (HAQ195153), Henan, China
Third Place:
·The High School Attached to BJJTU (BJQ195321), Beijing, China
·10622C Robotik (INQ194912), Mexico

Top 3 of VEX IQ Challenge (Robot Skills Challenge)
Champion: Xian Tieyi Middle School (SNQ195125), Shaanxi, China
Second Place: Fuzhou Guishang MiddleSchool & Hualun Middle School (FJQ195495), Fujian, China
Third Place: Team Jiangsu (JSQ195483), Jiangsu, China

Top 3 of MakeX Challenge
Champion Alliance:
·Changsha MakeX Team (HNM194376), Hunan, China
·ONE-SEVEN Zhizao (SDM194453), Shandong, China
Runner-up Alliance:
·Union Team (HLM194582), Heilongjiang, China
·Beijiao Zhizao (SHM194063), Shanghai, China
Second Runner-up Alliance:
·HFBZ ROBOT (AHM194520), Anhui, China
·Haohan (NMM194383), Inner Mongolia, China

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