The Closing Ceremony of 42nd ACM-ICPC World Finals held in Peking University

On April 19th the closing ceremony of 42nd ACM-ICPC World Finals was held in Peking University. Huai Jinpeng, Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Secretary of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) attended the closing ceremony and delivered a speech during the ceremony.

On behalf of the CAST, Prof. Huai Jinpeng extended the sincerest greetings to the contestants and coaches from 140 universities teams of 51 countries and regions, and expressed warm congratulations to the contestants who had achieved outstanding results in this contest.

“China pays significant attention to the development of information science and technology and artificial intelligence. In recent years, China has integrated innovation and entrepreneurship education into personal training to enhance students' entrepreneurial awareness, innovative spirit, and creative ability. It has also fostered the creation of massive entrepreneurship and innovation and provided intellectual support for building an innovative country. At present, China is moving toward a new era of becoming an international leader in science and technology and is facing the world with a more open and inclusive attitude. CAST is willing to strengthen non-governmental science and technology exchanges with the rest of world, strengthen cooperation with counterparts in different countries, and further promote the integration of science and education for technology innovation. And all the efforts we endeavored together will contribute to common prosperity of human and build a community of shared future for mankind,” Prof. Huai said.

In the end of the world finals, the World Champion went to Moscow State University. And Peking University, the host university took the Gold Medal. The 42nd ACM-ICPC World Finals was co-hosted by CYSC and Peking University between April 15 and 20 2018 in Beijing.

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