China Adolescents Science Video Festival

With the development of Internet and multimedia, new media such as videos and animations have gradually entered people’s lives and become an indispensable medium for learning and living. Young people, in particular, have a strong crave for new media. In order to implement the “Outline of the National Action Plan for Scientific Literacy”, improve the scientific quality of minors, and promote the widespread development of new media popularization activities, starting from 2010, the China and Youth Science Center (CYSC) of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), together with China Association of Children’s Science Instructors, began to host China Adolescents Science Video Festival annually.

The China Adolescents Science Video Festival is an exploratory science engagement activity that integrates knowledge, science, and fun. It encourages adolescents to explore the scientific world, experience media technologies, and display practical results. The activities aim to encourage young people to learn and use Internet and multimedia technologies, experience and master the methods and processes of scientific research, promote the creation of science videos, develop the scientific spirit and forge healthy values for young people, as well as strengthen youngsters’ scientific capabilities.

The China Adolescents Science Video Festival fully presents the scientific video made by youngsters learning about multimedia technology and creating videos. It demonstrates the skills of photography, editing, and production in the process. It shows their dedication to science, their courage to innovate, their ability to overcome difficulties and persevere, and their spirit for team work.

After years of test and practice, the China Adolescents Science Video Festival, with its creative ideas as well as its visual display, has become popular with young people everywhere. The quality of works has been increasing year by year and the content of activities has become increasingly enriched. Starting from 2015, for three consecutive years, the Ministry of Education rated the Festival as one of the landmark events under “Dream Dandelion Program” and it has become an important platform for young people to explore the scientific world, experience media technologies, and display results of their efforts. In 2017, the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education announced its official endorsement for China Adolescents Science Video Festival.

The 8th China Adolescents Science Video Festival was officially launched in March 2017. As of October, there were 2,211 pieces of works submitted by 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and Macao Special Administrative Region. After the initial evaluation, 115 outstanding works were finally selected into the exhibition and evaluation, including 75 science documentaries, 26 scientific short films, and 14 popular science animations.

The exhibition and evaluation consists of the opening ceremony, skill test, internal review, public screenings, closing ceremonies and awarding ceremony.

In 2018, the 9th National Adolescents Science Video Festival will be hosted in Changsha, Hunan Province.