National Science Day

National Science Day is implemented by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), which implements the "People's Republic of China Science and Technology Popularization Law" (referred to as "The Science Popularization Law") and the "Outline of the National Scientific Literacy Action Plan (2006-2010-2020)". National Science Day is jointly organized by relevant Chinese ministries and commissions. Oriented for both workers from science and technology sectors and a broader spectrum of the society, it is a theme-based, nationwide, and science-for-all event.

On June 29, 2003, the first year since the "People's Republic of China Science and Technology Popularization Law" was promulgated, CAST organized a large-scale science engagement event. Then CAST decided to launch the National Science Day starting from 2004. In 2005, the National Science Day was officially scheduled to begin on the third public holiday in every September and last for a week.

The National Science Day has always been designed to present themes and activities to reflect “Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection, Safety, Health, and Innovation”. It looks at the social issues, resonates with the actual demand of the people, and engages a great general public. It is always organized at venues such as rural areas, residential communities, corporate entities, and campuses. Activities of National Science Day include theme exhibitions and lectures, on-site scientific and technological consultations, and interactive science shows. All the activities are highly interactive through on-line and off-line communication, which are enabled by mass media and Internet technology.

The national leaders highly value the power of National Science Day. Since its official launch in 2004, members of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee attended the National Science Day at its main venue in Beijing and participated in science engagement activities with the people from all walks of life in the capital city of China. In the past 14 years, various local departments and agencies have organized over 70,000 key science engagement activities during the National Popular Science Day and those activities have harvested over 1.3 billion visits. With that, the National Science Day has become the world’s largest and most widely participated science engagement program. National Science Day, hosted on a regular basis, has played a leading role in China, further driving the enthusiasm, initiative, and social responsibility across all sectors of the society towards science and technology. So far, it has triggered a broader participation in various science engagement programs and enhanced government capabilities for its science-for-all mission. It has made a remarkable contribution to enhance the science literacy among the general public.